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 Yes you are not seeing things, no you have not stumbled into an alternate reality that only Sheldon Cooper could explain. Yes I am typing this and no I’m not drunk.

Long thought to be vapourware, Carbon for Twitter has finally be released. Initial reviews have this as saying that

Its so aesthetically pleasing that no other app could beat this. Its functional, switching between accounts is a breeze and the best I’ve seen.

Click on the link below to give the app a go, just remember to give the devil a wave as he skates to work.

Carbon for Android


Netbot now free!

Posted: 02/02/2013 in Apps, Mobile, Social Media
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App.Net (or ADN) is a social media platform that launched in 2012. You do have to pay for it (currently $5 a month or $36 a year) however with this comes guarantees. ADN will stay developer friendly, won’t use apps and your details won’t be sold on. This sounds the opposite of another social media platform doesn’t it?

HotUKDeals is one of my favourite websites around. Basically whenever some sees what they consider to be a bargain either online or on the high street, they take to this website and they post the deal. People then vote on whether they think it’s a good deal (hot) or a bad deal (cold).

It’s a blessing and a curse as you get some good deals off the website, but then again you spend more money as you buy more shiny things. Anyway for a long time now we have had to rely on unofficial apps, and whilst these have been sufficient (the Android equivalent more so and the iOS versions have felt lacking), we now have an official app.

The app lets you look at deals, search for deals that are near you, share a bargain, view your most recent activity and you can even set up deal alerts. With deal alerts you enter a keyword or keywords and when they are posted as a deal you will get a push notification telling you so.

For those who like to grab stuff on the cheap, the website has always been important in my opinion, but now with an app to accompany the site, you can now wave goodbye to your money on the move whilst looking at all the new shiny things you have been able to acquire.

The HotUKDeals app is available for iOS and Android.

“Read the rest of the story” for screenshots.


 Now I’ve been using Android ever since the G1 made its debut over here in the UK, and until now I did not know the following was possible. I had just sent a text message and put my phone down to watch some more Euro 2012, and when I picked the phone up I noticed that the font of the text messages appeared larger. After a little play it turned out that you can “pinch to zoom” inside your text messages and the font will get larger if you separate your fingers and smaller if you bring your fingers in to each other (the same way in which you would inside the internet browser).

 I don’t know how long this feature has been in Android phones and I don’t know if this is available on all phones that have been butchered with skins but I’ve only just discovered it and thought I would share it.

Doesn’t really show anything but the font on my phone is now smaller then it normally is.

 I purchased this phone from ASDA a couple of months back as they had it for what I thought was a cracking price of £229 sim free. I quickly rooted it and put on the LeeDroid ROM but as most people know, Google released Ice Cream Sandwich back in November and HTC are still yet to update this device with an official Ice Cream Sandwich update. It’s a story that never changes though as manufacturers and networks and appalling at getting updates out to their devices in a reasonable time.  In this day and age it really is disgraceful that they can take the Michael like they do. Whilst most devices have been able to have customs ROM’s with Ice Cream Sandwich that hasn’t been possible for the Evo 3D mainly due to the “Unique” dual 5mp camera that is on the back of the phone. You could get custom ICS roms but the camera wouldn’t work… Until a few days ago.

 You see some awesome person at either HTC or Virgin leaking the test version of the Evo 3D ICS rom to the public, allowing the dev community to get the files they needed to get various parts of the phone working with Google‘s latest operating system. Some people are noticing a few hiccups but I have to say that I’m finding it a flawless experience. Instagram doesn’t work but everything else is wonderful (and Chrome Beta and Boid are amazing apps).

 Whilst most people managed to get their phones updated with no problems, I spent 2 days banging my head against it. Here is what I posted on the HotUKDeals Evo 3D page. It might help some people if they are having issues too.

I purchased this phone a couple of months back and for the most part I’ve been running the LeeDroid Gingerbread ROM after I had unlocked the boot loader via the HTCDEV website. About a week ago a test ICS ROM for our devises was leaked, which is great as it meant the dev community could finally put an ICS ROM together with everything working (including 3D camera). To install the new ones however you need to install the latest firmware.

For two nights I tried for hours and hours (up until around 6:30am), trying to get my boot loader “relocked” so that I could run Revolutionary and achieve S-OFF which is required if you want to flash your own firmware. Nothing would work. I scoured XDA for tips and none of them would work. Even the advice from the HTCDEV wouldn’t “relock” the boot loader. So what I had to do was the following.

1) I downloaded the official HTC Gingerbread ROM and saved it to my desktop. (DON’T RUN IT YET)

2) I downloaded HTC Supertool V3 and making sure my device had “USB Debugging” checked, I ran the programme

3) I then chose to “Lock the device” which finally set my phone’s boot loader to relocked. Don’t worry if it says “Security Warning” and doesn’t let you go past the boot loader. That’s fine at this point.

4) I then ran the official HTC Rom from my desktop (#1) and it went through the process of installing it. Reverting my phone back to how it was when it was purchased. The boot loader stayed as “Relocked” though.

So far what this has done is it has relocked the boot loader and reverted everything back to how it was when it was purchased, so HTC Sense running Gingerbread 2.3

To achieve S-OFF from here

1) Follow the instructions here from point 4 as 1-3 are not needed for Evo 3D’s purchased from ASDA. (The mentioned link for the PG86IMG is broken but you can get it from here

2) Once that is done, go to the Revolutionary website and follow the instructions there. After this you should have achieved S-OFF, which means you can get some ICS goodness. When it asks if you want to install Clockwork Recovery say YES.

Installing ICS ROMS

1) Before proceeding, make sure the PG86IMG.ZIP file from earlier in this thread is now deleted off the memory card.
2) Download the ICS PG86IMG.ZIP from here and put onto the memory card.

3) Restart the device into boot loader and let it install this firmware.

4) Reboot the device, put it into “Disc drive mode” and delete the zip PG86IMG.ZIP (alternatively you could do this via a memory card reader).

5) Download an ICS custom ROM. I’ve been using the Virtuous one here

6) Place that onto the memory card, and then start the phone again into the boot loader. From the boot loader go into recovery choose “install zip from sdcard” and select the ROM you put on there. Clockwork Recovery will do the rest from there.

This is what I had to do to get Ice Cream Sandwich onto my device. I know it’s long-winded but if anyone else is struggling I hope this helps. I’m glad I’ve got it on though as it’s so buttery smooth

Well that was three days and since then my phone has been enjoying some long overdue ICS goodness. HTC might fire off e-mails/announcements saying that these roms are not officially supported and they will void the warranty but at the end of the day if they would pull their fingers out then people wouldn’t have to turn elsewhere to get what they should have got months ago.

Firstly may I apologize for the quality of this review. I realise it isn’t great but it’s my first attempt at reviewing a game, so feedback (friendly or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated!

Back in the day when I used to be at school, I used to love to play badminton. Now jokes about Neil’s dad aside (those who have seen the Inbetweeners will know what I mean there), I used to think it was a great sport. I would spend 3-4 hours a day playing it. After school though for some strange reason I stopped playing but always kept a fondness about the sport.

On one my random nights of opening up my laptop and having hunt through the Google Play website (it should still be the Android Market, but that’s a previous debate!), I found this little game from Game Colt Studio called “3D Badminton”. It only had 3 stars out of 5 on the ratings but those ratings can be worthless sometimes so I downloaded it anyway.

So what do I think of the game? If I had to choose one word, just one word of utmost descriptive skill, I would have to say … “Meh!”

 Where do I start? When you get a rally going the game is wonderful and smooth, however the serving is utterly atrocious. You see on the above video that I hit the net a lot when it’s my turn to serve, and that’s not me being light either. I’m swiping as hard as I can and still I struggled to get the shuttlecock over the net. On other occasions you can swipe the screen fiercely and it’ll go out of play at the back of the court, other times you could be in the exact same position, in the exact same situation, use the exact same shot, and it’ll fall comfortably in the middle of the court.

I don’t know if others have had the same issues, but for me, I found the control that you have over your shots to be very limited. Sometimes it feels like I almost have to put my finger through the screen to get a shot over the net, other times it feels like I should have just tickled it with a feather.

As for the graphics? Now these I like! I’m not one to go for “the more realistic, the better”, and in this case I do like the back in time style of the characters. With some refinement of the gameplay I think it could be a very fun app, but for now I have to say that 3 stars on the Google Play store is one star too many.

It can be found here on the Play Store and it’s free so that’s one good thing 🙂

Today I had an update on my phone, I logged into the Android Market and noticed that the layout had changed. I thought “hmm, that’s actually not too bad” however what followed next in my opinion is the most dumbest thing that Google have done with the Android platform yet.

Anyone who knows me who has read my blog or tweets will know that on the whole I’m a fan of Google. I think their mobile platform is far superior then the others out there and unlike the evil fruit who sues you if you sneeze, I don’t see them as that bad a company. So for me to as critical as I’m about to be is extremely rare. So what is it that the Big G has done?

As from today “Android Market” is no more. Google in their infinite wisdom have decided to rebrand it to “Google Play” and “Play Shop”. I’m sorry but what? Which idiot at Mountain View thought that it would be a good idea to change the name of something that EVERYONE knows? You say “Android Market” and the majority of people are going to know what you are talking about. You say “Google Play” and people will be like “what?!?”

I know they wanted to take on the Apple ecosystem but really? Change the layout, change how apps, movies and games are downloaded and such but don’t change a name that has been around for the best part of 4 years now. People are used to it. They say that “Market” suggests that it’s a “downtown” type thing, but to me the term “Market” means I go there and get what I want. “Google Play” just doesn’t say that me.

In my opinion it’s a terrible rebrand and I really hope that Google come to my way of thinking (they probably won’t but hey-ho) and realise that it’s as idiotic as their Google Buzz experiment. This needs writing off as a bad idea and needs writing off now. Viva la Android Market!