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Today on Sunday 24th Feb 2013, a new UK-based Starcraft 2 team launched. The e-Sports arena in the UK is one that is growing has the potential to be a pretty big scene. The people behind Roar Gaming recognize this and will be looking to encourage e-Sports to grow.

You can follow them on the following outlets

Twitter –

Facebook –

TwitchTV –

If you are interested in Starcraft 2 or the e-Sport scene as a whole then please show these guys support and follow them. It’ll be greatly appreciated.

Read below for their launch statement



 About a month a go I noticed a post on Google+ where UK Game retailer, GAME was asking those in the UK what their opinion was of E-Sports after linking an article from the Guardian about the Blizzard World Championships. An interesting (in my opinion) discussion arose and the impression that I got from them is that they are genuinely interested in E-Sports and developing E-Sports in the United Kingdom. Low and behold today the good folks from GAME sent me some new on Google+ that for the next few weeks they will be hosting an amateur Starcraft 2 tournament.

Read below for the information from their Facebook page. (TLDR? Non-professional Starcraft 2 player? Fancy a tournament? Carry on reading)


A good friend of mine, Stalthis (@GKickStalthis on Twitter), has started to cast Starcraft 2 VoD‘s. Now I know what you are thinking that these casts are a dime a dozen nowadays, but Stal does things slightly different. He doesn’t go after the big fish. He doesn’t cast the Platinum and Grand Master players. What he does is cast those from the Bronze and Silver leagues, those who are very jagged around the edges. In the commentary you get the normal commentary, his own opinions and tips and advice.

The first video of his is up now on his Shalcast channel on YouTube.

Also if you’re a Bronze or Silver league player in Starcraft 2 and want a match or two of yours commented on then feel free to buzz him on Twitter and I’m sure he’ll give you contact information on where to send your footage.

Below is his first cast. Please excuse the poor gameplay from the red Terran. 😉

Blizzard Europe
have just announced that their World of Warcraft Monopoly and Starcraft Risk games are now available to pre-order in the United Kingdom from GAME. They are both retailing at £29.99.

I was hoping to give you the posts from Blizzard but I’m getting a wonderful four-oh-four when I try to follow the link from MMO-Champion, so here is what GAME has to say about them 🙂


Just a quick one. I was reading my Twitter feed today when someone tweeted

Go to Google, type “Zerg Rush”, press enter and wait 5 seconds”

Before you know it, you’re screen is “zerged” by the O’s from Google! By clicking the O’s you can destroy them but eventually you’ll be overwhelmed and “zerged”. I think it’s an obvious reference to the immensely popular StarCraft series from Blizzard and definitely worth a few minutes of your time.